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Mascoutah councilman candidate: Richard Fuess II

Name: Richard Fuess II

City of residence: Mascoutah

Age: 40

Family status: Married with two children

Education: associates degree in industrial training from Washtenaw CC; bachelors degree in workforce education and development from SIUC; master’s degree in human resources management from Lindenwood University Belleville

Occupation: Training coordinator Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 101

Political party: Independent

Office sought: Mascoutah City Council

Campaign Website: Facebook page Rich Fuess for Mascoutah City Council

Campaign e-mail:

Previously held offices: None

What qualifies you for this position?

“I am qualified for this position because, I will take an interest in all the needs of all the citizens. I will represent all the people and all the interests equally. I will not let personal preference or personal opinion sway the decision that I would make for the city. If elected my phone and email will be available for all residents every day. I will make it a priority that if a resident reaches out for help from the city, that I will contact them and continue to follow up until the issue is resolved.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“There are two issues that seem to be very important to the residents currently. First is the issue of a city owned and run electrical department. The question is whether to switch to Ameren. If elected I would try to get this issue on a ballot for the residents to vote. Let the people decide who provides their electricity and service. The next issue is the TIF 2B. I feel that the TIF needs to be changed. Money that should be going to schools and other entities is instead going to the city. The city council will say that they have not raised taxes, which is a partial truth. They are not raising taxes but are diverting them from other entities. If the city needs more money to operate and improve the infrastructure, then they need to go to the residents and ask for a tax increase to improve the city.”