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Collinsville councilman candidate: Rob Dorman

Name: Rob Dorman

City of residence: Collinsville

Age: 50

Family status: Married, one son

Education: bachelor of science in mass communication; masters in business administration

Occupation: Information and technology manager

Political party: Republican

Office sought: City Council

Campaign website:; Facebook rob dorman; Twitter rob@cardinalrob

Campaign e-mail:

Previously held offices: Collinsville Madison County Election Judge, Collinsville St. Clair County Precinct Committeeman, Member Illinois State Board of Education Gifted Advisory Council

What qualifies you for this position?

“I have lived in Collinsville pretty much my entire life and because I have a young son I am active in the community, regularly attending public meetings and staying abreast of city council activities. Of all of the current candidates I am the only candidate that has never been a city employee or an incumbent. This qualifies me because I am going to bring administrative experience that does not rely on taxes, but instead on sound business practice and low cost solutions keeping taxes low. I see no reason why resident taxpayers should have to subsidize existing business through TIF.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“Municipal responsibility — The function of city is to provide an infrastructure and maintain it for the resident taxpayers and provide for public safety at an affordable cost. Most people move to a community because of good schools, low taxes and a decent infrastructure. From 2000 to 2013 there has 1.4 percent population growth, which needs improvement.

“TIF Districts — TIF districting has been overused in the Collinsville City. TIF’s should only be used as a last resort for truly blighted areas, should have a robust business plan, and be short term. TIF’s generally take money away from schools which increases taxes.”