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Belleville Alderman Ward 3 candidate: Scott Tyler

Name: Scott Tyler

City of residence: Belleville

Age: 51

Family status: Married with three children

Education: BTHSW-University of Illinois Fire Fighter Academy

Occupation: Union firefighter

Political party: Independent

Office sought: Alderman Ward 3

Campaign email:

Previously held offices: None

What qualifies you for this position?

“I am qualified for alderman due to being a city firefighter for 19 plus years. I have contacts in every city department, and the ability to get residents’ concerns addressed and resolved in a timely manner. The citizens of Belleville should not be fooled, the former Good Government Party members are supporting many candidates in this election. I am a true Independent, not supported, backed, nor indebted to any party or elected official. I have dedicated my life and career to helping the citizens of Belleville and would like to take the next step by representing them as their alderman.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“The top issue not only in this race, but every race within the city is undoubtedly crime. We are all tired of watching our friends and neighbors move from the city to surrounding communities and always for the same reason — crime. The city administration must make it a priority to increase manpower to put more patrolmen on the streets. The residents have grown fearful of their cars and homes broken into, things stolen from their backyards and armed robberies. A stronger police presence will send the message we are organized, vigilant and willing to take back our city.”