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New Athens school board candidate: Terry Hamon

Name: Terry Hamon

City of Residence: New Athens

Age: 36

Family status: Married with four children

Education: Not provided

Occupation: Police officer

Political party: Not provided

Office sought: New Athens School Board

Previously held offices: Not provided

What qualifies you for this position? What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“If I am elected to the school board one of my focuses will be keeping our kids and school safe. It is a high priority for me that we perform as a cohesive unit including board members, district personnel, staff, teachers and community members. It is essential that we effectively communicate across all areas, establishing and maintaining trust and common goals. One goal must be to provide a quality education to all children of our community. It is the job of the district to provide the teachers in this community with the necessary tools and training to adequately educate our children. We must also ensure that methods of accountability are in place, such that each member of our team understands his or her responsibility and that parents, children, teachers, administrators, staff and school board members can fulfill these responsibilities effectively. I will come to this job with an open mind and the objectivity necessary to perform all of the functions of a school board member. I am willing, eager in fact, to devote the time and energy that this community deserves in fulfilling my duties as a member of this board.”