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Wesclin Community Unit School Board candidate: Stacy Wellen

Name: Stacy Wellen

City of Residence: Trenton

Age: 39

Family status: Married

Education: Associates degree in paralegal studies; cosmetology certificate

Occupation: Barber

Political Party: Not provided

Office Sought: Wesclin School Board

Previously held office: Not provided

What qualifies you for this position?

“I feel qualified for this position because I am a business owner, a taxpayer and a parent to two children in the Wesclin School District. I understand that being a part of the school board is a thankless, non-paying position. We are there to make the decisions on behalf of the tax payers and parents of the Wesclin School District. I am willing to put forth my time to help our school district make these decisions, even the difficult ones.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“Obviously the main concern over the next few years is the financing. The state of Illinois is in dire straits and is not giving the schools the funding that they are needing to run properly. I am afraid that as time goes on, the state is going to continue to cut funding. Unfortunately, this is a concern of all schools and there is no clear cut answer. I do not want to see my taxes raised, just as most people do not. The only option I see would be to cut all unnecessary spending.”