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O’Fallon District 90 school board candidate: Rebecca Drury

Name: Rebecca Drury

City of residence: O’Fallon

Age: 61

Family status: Widower

Education: masters in vocation education, University of Missouri

Occupation: Retired former distributive education teacher/coordinator

Political party: Not provided

Office sought: Board of Education District 90

Campaign Facebook: Becky Drury for District 90 School Board

Previously held offices: Board president, board secretary

What qualifies you for this position?

“My education background is a great strength I bring to the board of education. I was a distributive education teacher/coordinator. My students worked in marketing, management and merchandising so I have background in business also. This is a good combination for a board member a certain understanding of finance while knowing what is needed in education. I bring experience to the board. I have served on the board for several years. During this time I have gained valuable knowledge on how things are done, what to look for and how to lead the district. I am a life long resident of O’Fallon. This community is very important to me as well as having a strong education system. I am a product of the schools as well as my children. My goal is to keep the educational system for present and future students.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“Currently the finances of the district are driving a lot of our decision. Until the State of Illinois can find a better way to support schools we will always face this problem. I would like to find ways for the district to fund programs education, sports and clubs without wondering year-to-year if we will get our payments. I would work with my fellow board members to improve the educational programs we provide.”