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Caseyville village trustee candidate: Rick Casey Jr.

Name: Rick Casey Jr.

City of residence: Caseyville

Age: 36

Family status: Married

Education: SWIC

Occupation: facilities supervisor

Political party: Not provided

Office sought: village trustee

Campaign e-mail: None

Previously held offices: village trustee, 2005-2099 and 2011-2015

What qualifies you for this position?

“I have lived in Caseyville for all my life and have seen the village I live in go downhill over time. I have kids, parents, grandparents and other family members residing in the village and I care about the direction the village goes in.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“There are several issues in this race. I’m not going to be a candidate that will say I’m going to do this or I’m going to do that because I am just one voice. However, I will say each and every decision I make will always have the best interests of each and every village resident at heart.”