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Caseyville village trustee candidate: John Buckley

Name: John Buckley

City of residence: Caseyville

Age: 57

Family status: Married

Education: Omaha South High School, Metro Tech Community College, St. Louis Carpenters Union

Occupation: Countertop fabricator, Union Local 664

Political party:

Office sought: Village Trustee

Campaign e-mail:

Previously held offices: Secretary Caseyville Police and Fire Board

What qualifies you for this position?

“My employment history is one of responsibility, dedication, reliability and leadership, traits that are applicable and critical to public service. I have a passion for Caseyville and am determined to make it the best place possible to work or live. But above all, I have a genuine will to serve my neighbors and fellow citizens. The foundation of my candidacy is purely based on what I can do as a trustee for the village and its people. A great public official has to be driven to serve and make personal sacrifices for the greater good of all. This is what I would look for in any candidate running for public office and I trust it is what the people of Caseyville will expect from me. I promise to deliver beyond expectations.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“Our record of fiscal responsibility is poor and needs improvement. We must insist on transparent and honest communications in our deliberations and decision-making; two areas that also are lacking. But overall, the main issue is whether Caseyville has stalled in its ability or even desire to improve. I think it has and that is unacceptable. Our geographic location and capacity for growth should make Caseyville a destination for businesses that want to start or relocate here. We should be a destination for families who want excellent accessibility to St. Louis and a comfortable hometown life in Illinois. We need to be unafraid of making a commitment to upgrade in every possible respect of village life, without compromising everything we have now that we love. Simply put, we must be firm in our ambition to grow. If you are not growing, you are dying.”