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Brooklyn village trustee candidate: Marion McCarthy

Name: Marion McCarthy

City of residence: Brooklyn

Age: 61

Family status: married

Education: Not provided

Occupation: High school Spanish tutor

Political party: Democrat

Office sought: Village Trustee

Previously held offices: Brooklyn Village Trustee

What qualifies you for this position?

“I have been a Brooklyn trustee for the last six years. I filled that I am qualified for this position because I have experience. I go to meetings that I am informed of all around St. Clair County and receive information that will benefit our village. I’ve been involved in making and changing ordinances to improve our community. I am one of the trustees in St. Clair County that went to the capitol in Springfield, Illinois, and petitioned and for the recognition of the Metro East Police District Commission, which benefits our police department. I am very familiar with the regulations and duties of a board trustee.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“I am a home and property owner here in Brooklyn, Illinois, for the last 19 years. I have seen our children grow up here in Brooklyn; they leave and never look back. I lived here and I am a fighter for what is mine. I want to make Brooklyn to be proud of to call my home. My goal is to have affordable housing, repair the streets, build on our water front, bring in legitimate businesses, and moved the strip clubs; not add more. And more than anything my goal is to have officials that will have the same vision that I have for Brooklyn. I want our children to build up Brooklyn and be proud to call Brooklyn home.”