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Brooklyn village trustee candidate: Shelia Finley

Name: Shelia Finley

City of residence: Brooklyn

Age: 48

Family status: Married

Education: some college

Occupation: Shipping and receiving

Political party: Democrat

Office sought: Trustee

Previously held offices: None

What qualifies you for this position?

“I have been a resident of the village of Brooklyn for over 19 years; and I have really grown to love my community. I am well qualified for this position, because I have the ability to communicate well and have extensive experience working with elected officials throughout St. Clair County. If elected for office, I will do my best to promote positive needed changes and fairness for our community. I will also do my best to assist my community in securing those resources and services that will assist our members for better tomorrows and futures.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“I think that one of the top issues facing my race today is recidivism and employment rates. I think that there need to be reformation in the way this country treats ex-offenders. It saddens me to see that this country treats ex-offenders. It saddens me to see that this country have come to a place where it says yes to providing governmental assistance, but says no to the ex-offender, who is trying to turn his/her life around, secure employment. I think that by address this issue, this country will address the rising crime rates that ripple so many African-American communities today within this country.”