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Fairmont village trustee candidate: Gina Buffa

Name: Gina Buffa

City of residence: Fairmont City

Age: 45

Family status: single mother of four

Education: Althoff High School graduate, two years nursing school

Occupation: Administrator for Sheet Metal Local 36

Political party: Independent

Office sought: Village trustee

Campaign e-mail: Not provided

Previously held offices: N/A

What qualifies you for this position?

“Born and raised in Fairmont City. I am currently employed as a professional administrator for a St. Louis union. My professional work environment has given me the experience of sitting on a board of trustees. Through this experience I have gained the knowledge of the necessary compliance, regulations and responsibilities of a trustee. My diverse cultural background allows me to communicate effectively with the multi-cultural community of Fairmont City. I believe communication is crucial in uniting the city so that we can achieve our common goals and improve Fairmont.”

What is the top issue in your race, and how would you address it?

“I am very proud to call Fairmont City my home. A top priority will be improving the city’s neglected storm drainage system and repairing damaged roads and sidewalks. The roads, sidewalks and open storm drains in Fairmont City are in disrepair and pose a significant safety hazard. The youth of Fairmont City are our future. As a mother and grandmother, it is essential we provide the proper education and tools for our children to be successful. One of my main priorities is to enhance and expand our youth services to equip our children to be productive, successful citizens.”