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Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



500 Centerville Ave.; from Diane S. Earhart; to Devin Sims; $25,000.

1706 N. Church St.; from Theodore Higgins and Cynthia Higgins; to Marcus Millender; $90,000.

116-118 Twin Oaks Drive; from Raymond J. Kelly; to William A. Boker Jr.; $120,000.

122 Winthrop Drive; from Steven L. Brock and Angela M. Brock; to James Lee Ford; $116,000.

834 Lebanon Ave.; from Citizens Community Bank; to Roert H. Duncan and Alicia N. Duncan; $45,000.

255 Brookmont Drive; from Rita Zanotti and Francesco M. Zanotti; to Ronny Morris and Marcella Morris; $96,000.

6 Timothy Lane; from Virgel Hermsdorfer and Elizabeth Levi; to Michael Mullen; $25,000.

31 Minnie Drive; from Robert Schmierbach; to Michael Wilhelm; $5,000.


19 St. Gregory St.; from Kathleen L. Hearty; to Johnnie Hearty; $10,000.


817 Jessica Drive; from Herrin Construction Company; to Nicholas Harris; $128,000.


2610 St. Louis Ave.; from Reverse Mortgage Solutions; to Jerome Green; $2,500.


North 43rd St.; from Carlton L. Duckworth Jr.; to Mary Felty; $3,000.


3005 Glenwood Drive; from Amy Meek; to John Shaedler; $42,500.

412 Lemans Way; from Dakota J. Conder; to Dusten Dean Bell; $100,500.

9760 Ridge Heights Road; from Robert J. Williams and Mary L. Williams; to PEter E. Schultz; $68,500.


101 S. Edison St.; from Terry J. Groth and Patricia A. Groth; to Anthony C. Gallagher, Jackie Gallagher, Carie J. Gallagher; $55,500.


10945 Kentifeld Drive; from Jennifer L. Ruch and Ronald Ruch; to Charles Bair; $97,000.


427 Douglas Ave.; from Jason D. Stalling; to Casey R. Esker; $134,500.

316 Falling Leaf Way; from Thomas S. Harrison and Kimb L. Harrison; to Jonah R. Dunn and Stephanie A. Dunn; $182,500.

1139 Hackberry Drive; from Harold Hobdy and Nancy Hobdy; to Kara Nolte and Nicholas Nolte; $155,500.

821 Tanzanite Lane; from CNR Inc.; to Barbara J. Tenbrink; $231,000.

506 W. Poplar St.; from Kara L. Nolte; to Jill L. Hartung and Douglas L. Hartung; $116,000.


22 Jotham Court; from Melissa A. Barton; to Ralph Wolf and Fay A. Wolf; $119,500.

15 N. Kossuth St.; from Sandra McBrady; to Don E. Richardson Sr.; $53,000.


3605 Black Quarter Road; from Dennis L. Jones and Loretta F. Jones; to Kurtis L. Thomas and Samantha J. Thomas; $280,000.


1060 Chapel Hill Drive; from Stone Bridge Villas LLC; to Harry Russell and Peggy Russell; $270,500.

127 Robert Drive; from Betty J. Bastian, Leo W. Bastian, Deceased; to Christine A. Fournie; $155,000.

1038 Thronbury Place; from Steven J. Beatty and Janine M. Beatty; to Damian Macias and Amy Macias; $271,000.

205 E. Second St.; from Derek Etzler and Tiffany Etzler; to Scott D. Luna; $160,000.


3257 Eastridge Drive; from Christian Leapley and Steven Leapley; to Ephraim Coronel and Janelle Coronel; $170,000.

222 Locust Drive; from Donald E. Mercer; to Justin P. Dixon; $180,000.


10 N. Hickory St.; from Jorin J. Lebonick; to Lucas Fix and Beth McMullan; $87,500.

5729 Abilene Lane; from Gary Becker and Teresa Becker; to Brett Tyler; $183,000.


208 Pine Dale Drive; from Mark R. Attala; to Candace Taylor-Harris and Deontrez J. Dickerson; $127,000.

104 Derbyshire Drive; from CArl M. Cox; to Amanda J. Warwick; $103,000.

313 Shireton Court; from Derrick J. Jansen; to Nathan McLeod-Hughes; $283,000.

134 St. Sabre Drive; from Keith Padgett and Kristen Padgett; to David Wright and Erin Wright; $230,000.

1759 Shade Tree Court; from Michael Juenger and Jill Juenger; to Jesse Magoon; $147,500.



7039 Meier Lane; from Richard Riley and Patricia J. Lanning; to Ronadl L. Vontalge and Lorna H. Vontalge; $646,000.


827 McPherson Ave.; from Elizabeth E. Woelfel Kraenzle; to Vanna K. Lenhardt; $110,000.

1113 Vernier Ave.; from Diane K. Waggoner; to Bridget Jones; $50,000.

5301 Humbert Road; from Vernon L. Abert; to Charles L. Hanfelder and Sonja S. Hanfelder; $31,500.

412 Ridge St.; from Olen H. Gibson, Frances L. Gibson, Barbara Gibson; to Brian Ernst; $60,000.

927 Logan St.; from Michael C. Dunn and Barbara J. Dunn; to Cheryl Rain,William Rain, Jeremy Rain; $63,500.


5 Willow Corut; from Champaign Investment LLV; to Michael R. Wesley and Courtney E. Wesley; $215,000.

517 Albers Lane; from Erma I. Freer, Erma I. Freer Declaration of Trust; to Sean P. Keasey; $70,000.


1350 Franklin Ave.; from Rental Rehab LLC; to Todd Lindow; $185,000.

162 Belmont Road; from Illona H. Hale, Charles W. Hale, Kimberly L. Krause; to Christy L. Henderson; $129,000.


1331 Sixth St.; from Stacy Vinson, Stacy L. Williams, Margaret A. Thompson; to Danny Mitts; $48,000.

134 Cottage Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Erin Rainwater; $52,000.


392 Spruce St.; from Lori J. Plummer, Marilyn H. Hill, Marilyn H. Hill Trust; to Timothy M. Plummer and Ashley J. Plummer; $73,000.


1263 Jamaica Drive; from Beverly J. Szopinski; to Vanessa L. Jones; $141,500.

300 N. Kansas; from Mark J. Carr and Susan T. Carr; to Jeffrey A. Hemker and Susan M. Hemker; $240,000.

511 Champman St.; from Eric Miller; to Leigh A. Crowder; $137,000.

Green Hedge Road; from Michael P. Keck and Catherine A. Keck; to Sandra Mohr; $272,000.

4926 Smith Drive; from Fengjoing Ferral; to Wade S. Rives and Kobe L. Rives; $222,000.


7108 Westwind Drive; from Jeffrey R. Lagemann and Stacy K. Lagemann; to Stephen M. Derkos and Jessica M. Derkos; $140,000.

5914 Rosebud Lane; from Lance D. Enochs; to Lisa J. Carver; $157,000.

733 Ramona Place; from Pamela S. Sevier aka Pamela S. Autery; to Tyler G. Browning and Rose Browning; $65,000.


5114 Stacey Drive; from Frank M. Vilmer and Stephanie K. Vilmer; to Stephanie L. Gaines; $141,391 mortgage, but no sales price available.

2716 Dale Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to David R. Oliver Jr.; $23,500.

2260 Woodlawn Ave.; from Homeinvestors LLC; to Lynnea Carr and William A. Carr; $97,500.

1542 Johnson Road; from Martimano Huereta; to Luke D. Greene; $97,500.

2252 Delmar Ave.; from Equitymax Inc.; to David Silva III and Samantha K. Dennis; $48,000.

4100 Breckenridge Lane; from Gary L. North Sr. and Jane M. North; to Jeffrey T. Armour; $83,000.


11525 Hoyt Monken Road; from Steven G. Gnaedinger and Cynthia J. Gnaedinger; to Tracy M. Haas and Jayme Haas; $150,000.

13271 U.S. Highway 40; from Norbert O. Landmann; to Lois J. Beeler; $235,000.

2104 Olive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; to Steven Dyer and Kim Dyer; $160,000.

708 Pike Drive; from Midfirst Bank; to House Turners LLC; $103,500.


68 Anneriar Drive; from Michael S. McNamara and Lisa McNamara; to Breckenridge E. Scott Blackwell and Andrew S. Blackwell; $272,000.

109 N. Donk Ave.; from First National Bank Staunton; to Joshuah Williams and Meagan Williams; $78,000.


103 E. 3rd St.; from Michael S. Meshey and Jennifer R. Meshey; to Donnie Hinson and Deronda Hinson; $156,000.

2005 Kensington Place; from William R. Cunningham and Susanne Cunningham; to Matthew McVicar and Michelle McVicar; $214,000.


9 Oakbrooke; from Justin C. Bahre and Yolanda Bahre; to Michael E. Dockery Jr. and Carissa Dockery; $178,000.

12 Evergreen Lane; from Fannie Mae; to Andrew Gendron; to Jocelyn Fiske; $133,000.

8820 Wheat Drive; from Shadow Wood Development LLC; to Premier Homes by Jones LLC; $70,000.

1227 Ritledge Drive; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Huabio Win; $278,000.

402 Bluebird Lane; from Matthew McVicar and Michelle Y. McVicar; to Bryce McKenzie and Heather McKenzie; $161,000.

301 Old Homestead Drive; from Steven P. Foster and Erin C. Foster; to Joseph Gilley and Nicole Gilley; $229,000.

249 Michael Drive; from First Collinsville Bank; to Leroy Rolston and Nicol A. Rolston; $362,500.

301 Montgomery St.; from Larry M. Hoffman and Jacqueline M. Hoffman; to Todd Lindow; $105,000.


1938 Sextant Drive; from David W. Bailey Sr.; to Michael Whealen and Robin Whealen; $150,000.



332 Longview Drive; from A & B Land Inc.; to Kelly A. Stephan and Randall L. Stephan; $45,000.

1600 Timber Ridge; from Angela L. Solman and Corey G. Colman Jr.; to Denise A. Gillan and Eric G. Gillan; $510,000.

702 W. Legion Ave.; from Denise A. Gillan and Eric G. Gillan; to Buddy G. Gillan and Neva A. Gillan; $200,000.

1202 Franke Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to John Weiser and Mallorie Weiser; $240,000.

499 Wernings Drive; from LF & Son Construction LLC; to James Ziebold and Katherine Ziebold; $240,500.

216 S. Milton St.; from Dana L. Lechner and James Lechner; to Lindsey Spurling-Wright and Joshua Wright; $105,500.


310 Back St.; from Roderick J. Kapp and Robbin E. Layton-Kapp; to Kimberly S. Koesterer; $40,000.


315 Park St.; from Christine A. Brading, Pamela Stone, Suzanne C. Winter; to Pamela Loless; $63,000.

5705 Cardinal Drive; from Eric Sutton; to Allyson B. Anderson; $139,500.