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HNL 090518 Letters to the Editor

Where do the parties stand?

Do political TV ads give voters information on candidates’ positions on legislative issues or are they soundbites? Do you know the platforms of the Democrat, Republican and Independent parties?

Where do these candidates stand on the injustice of the 1973 Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion the full nine months of an American growing in her mother’s uterus, a design preordained by God? Judges ignored expert testimony presenting evidence that human life begins at conception. Five appointed judges legislated.

These aborted Americans in the womb have been denied the protection of the 14th Amendment, as were the American slaves until the 1865 when they gained legal personhood.

Roe must be overturned as unconstitutional. Slavery was financed by social engineers with their wealth, powers and greed. Today, special interests and socialist values of community organizers in the U.S. and worldwide deny legal personhood to the unborn, the slavery of 2018.

My grandma, a German immigrant, lost a son in France 1917; 14 grandsons served in World War II, among them three of my brothers and a grandson who was killed in Korea. Our family paid the ultimate price for the right to life. God bless America.

Esther Koch, Co-founder of Clinton County Citizens for Life

Route 66 National Trail Designation

On Aug. 24 I met with Hamel Village Mayor Larry Bloemker. We collaborated on a Resolution to designate Route 66 a National Historic Trail. It reads, “be it resolved by the Madison County Board that Madison County fully endorses and supports the designation of Route 66 as a National Historic Trail.”

Perhaps you remember the 50’s TV show “Route 66.” Route 66 was America’s first all-paved U.S. Highway System connecting the Midwest to California; today it remains an integral part of the history of Madison County. The following municipalities – Williamson, Livingston, Worden, Hamel, Edwardsville, Collinsville, Granite City, Madison, and Venice – played host to Route 66 during its proud history. In the 1930s, Route 66 served as the “road to opportunity” for hundreds of thousands of Americans escaping the devastation of the Dust Bowl and provided thousands of jobs for road crews and other workers unemployed during the Great Depression in Madison County. Throughout World War II, it transported critical troops, equipment and supplies to military bases across the country.

The Eisenhower Interstate System replaced Route 66, resulting in economic hardship for businesses that previously thrived. Route 66, an iconic symbol of American’s search for freedom now brings travelers from around the world to discover America. In addition to its historic significance, Route 66 proves itself a major economic force for the many Illinois communities. In Illinois, it remains; the number one tourism destination for international travelers and the second major destination domestic travelers. Designation as a National Historic Trail will help to increase the economic impact of Route 66 in Madison County.

Philip W. Chapman, County Board District Three