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Making Minions out of Twinkies

These Minions are made from Twinkies and are easy to do at home.
These Minions are made from Twinkies and are easy to do at home.

Prompo to pudum haga Minions kapee de Twinkies! Sif to pudum sola ads tu Twinkies. Labada tu cora.

Don’t speak Minionese? According to the Minions Translator, that’s Minionese for now you can make Minions out of Twinkies. Or you can just eat your Twinkies. It’s your call.

Hostess, the company behind the Twinkies marshmallow creme-filled snack cakes, has released Minions Twinkies. Each box of cakes comes with edible stickers you can use to decorate your Twinkies to look like Dave, Stuart, Jerry, Jorge, Tim, Mark, Phil, Kevin and of course, Bob.

Or, you can make your own Minions Cupcakes using Twinkies. Here’s how, with tips from

1. Make a batch of banana cupcakes and use blue or yellow paper liners. Cool cupcakes, then trim tops with a bread knife so they are flat.

2. Frost the cupcakes with a bright blue frosting to resemble the color of the Minions overalls.

3. Line up a dozen Twinkies on a cookie sheet and cut off bottoms to suit the size you want of your Minions, which will sit on top of cupcake.

4. Assemble black cake-decorating writing gel in a tube, some Smarties candies and brown sprinkles.

5. Then, do the following:

Squeeze two dots of black icing on the smarties or other candies to act as glue.

Add the Smarties or other candies as eyes.

Draw pupils on the eyes, then a mouth and goggles using black writing icing.

Place a few chocolate sprinkles on the minion’s head for hair.

Finally, put the minions cut side down on top of each frosted cupcake.

Additional information provided by the Los Angeles Times.