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The headstones across from Green Mount Cemetery are part of the cemetery

Q: There is a tiny plot of ground with a few headstones directly across the road from the Green Mount Cemetery. What is it?

Richard, of Millstadt

A: You’ve probably heard of times when secrets go to the grave with the people buried in them. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those times.

If you didn’t know, Green Mount Catholic Cemetery makes up roughly the south half of the large burial ground while Green Mount Protestant is the north part. The tiny plot that you see is a small extension of the Protestant cemetery. But just why is something Teri Bromley, the cemetery and church records chairwoman at the St. Clair County Genealogical Society, and Donald Tisch, of Tisch Monuments in Belleville who tends the plot, do not know.

Perhaps, Tisch conjectured, it occurred during a brief time of cemetery-creep before the major road came along, but that’s purely a guess. Whatever the reason there were, by Bromley’s count, 31 burials there from 1879 all the way up to 1960.

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