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When deliveries go to the wrong place, can EMTs find the right one in an emergency?

Q: A few months ago I moved into a home on South McKinley Drive. I have recently discovered that when people try to Google or MapQuest me, they are directed to the same address on East McKinley Street. This is a headache with deliveries, but what really concerns me is what would happen if I were to have an emergency? Who can I contact?

Cathy Stoltz, of Belleville

A: Wow, it’s not bad enough that you’ve fallen and can’t get up. Now, you’re worried EMTs might wind up carrying a stretcher into the wrong house.

Fortunately, your compassionate Answer Man can ease your mind in two ways. First, when I called the St. Clair County Emergency Telephone System Board and informed them of your plight, they did a search for your new address, and it popped up immediately in their system. They have no control over Google or MapQuest, but South McKinley Drive is a perfectly legitimate address as far as they’re concerned.

However, if you’re still not reassured, you’re welcome to fill out an address verification request which I will send you. It asks for your name, address and phone along with a detailed description of the property you own. Once they review that, there should be no question that emergency responders will show up at the right door if needed. Anyone else wondering about the same question can call the agency at 618-825-2167 or go to

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