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Here’s when ‘Antiques Roadshow’ will air its episodes featuring St. Louis’ rare finds

Q: Last fall, I saw an ad on TV that invited people to bring their rare family items to the Gateway Center for possible inclusion on the “Antiques Roadshow” program that is aired on KETC-TV, Channel 9. Can you tell me when this program will air?

A.L., of Belleville

A: Area residents must have been sitting on a mountain of treasures, because the popular show that appraises rare finds is devoting not one, not two, but three hours to showing off the best St. Louis has to offer.

For example, the opening hour at 7 p.m. Feb. 19 will feature a 1602 book of Chaucer’s complete works published by Adam Islip, a well-known London printer at the turn of the 17th century. You also don’t want to miss the 15th-century Chinese Bodhisattva gilt bronze and the 1901 Longest Bearded Man banner, because one of these three owners is sitting on something worth up to $125,000.

The fun continues at 7 p.m. Feb. 26 as proud owners discover what a 1927 Rookwood Shirayamadani black opal vase might be worth as well as a preaching stick by renowned wood carver (and son of a former slave) Elijah Pierce and an Ozark Airlines poster dating to about 1960. The series will conclude at 7 p.m. March 26 with such heirlooms as a 1920 Grace Ravlin oil painting, a Tiffany GMT-Master Rolex from about 1963 — and a fedora and photo signed by pop star Michael Jackson from about 1990.

Today’s trivia

What may have been the most valuable item ever appraised on “Antiques Roadshow”?

Answer to Wednesday’s trivia: The first use of an ambulance in emergencies may have come under the reign of Queen Isabella I of Castile in 1487 when injured Spanish soldiers were taken to military hospitals known then as ambulancias.

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