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This is the ‘is-it-worth-it?’ stuff left on the store shelves

Unusual-looking wood and gold foil candlestick holders are some of the leftovers at the Shiloh Target.
Unusual-looking wood and gold foil candlestick holders are some of the leftovers at the Shiloh Target.

I call them holiday leftovers. Not the kind you have in your fridge, but rather the kind peeking out among the clutter and disarray of store clearance shelves and racks after Christmas: Too many miniature foxes in suits as Christmas ornaments at Target ($3). A handful of bilious green cloth napkins from World Market ($1.99).

You get the idea.

Yes, you can pick up essentials like packs of ornament hangers, snowman erasers, tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbon, etc. But I find looking for leftovers more fun. Here are some items you may (or may not) want, most reduced by 50 percent:

Pier 1 Imports in Fairview Heights has a woodland menagerie at half off: Cute gray-blue-white tall penguins for about $15 each. I saw a pair. The smaller baby versions are $8. Reindeer in several poses are $10. Big-eyed white seals are $15. These are meant for decoration, not for kids, and could stay out on display through February, even March.

World Market in Shiloh was stocking a lot of bubbly in bottles when I was there Tuesday. But, I did find some really attractive four-piece, boxed sets of Christmas plates at half price, with nutcrackers on one set ($12.50) and a red-and-white winter scene ($15) on the other. Good to put away for a gift next season.

So, I couldn’t decide whether the tall wood and gold-foil candlesticks at the Shiloh Target were attractive or not. I’m thinking that since I feel that way, others do, too. That’s why there were so many still hanging around back in the Christmas section. Maybe they just weren’t right for the holiday? Or priced too high. They come in three sizes and at half off were about $7.50 to $12.50 each.

The shelves at CVS Pharmacy in Swansea were pretty bare of Christmas items, except for the half-price sets of 10 string lights with a Star Wars theme ($10). The ones left were either Yoda in a red Santa hat or BB8.

At Old Time Pottery in Fairview Heights, it was swine time, with a big selection of silvery pig banks for a couple bucks each. The porkers were wearing faux headphones, which, I suppose was to make them more modern? Check for boardgames and toys, too. All half off.

Kids ride-on, 6-volt battery-powered ATV quad, in green, is $39.87 at the Belleville Walmart. Comes with rechargeable battery and charger. Only three in stock at this store.

On a practical note, in case you’re ready to join the gym and become a resolutionist (thanks columnist Michelle Meehan Schrader for the cool moniker), Gordman’s in Fairview Heights has half-price women’s Puma, Fila and Reebok low-cut sock in packs of three or six. Prices are $4.99 to $8.99.

And for your bird lovers, you’ll find Christmas merchandise 30 percent off at Wild Birds Unlimited in Swansea. You’ll find some Mat Mates inserts, mailbox covers, flags, ornaments and decor, and prewrapped holiday items, including holiday seeded birdhouses and Christmas-shaped seed cylinders. Store closes at 3 p.m. Saturday.