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Who’s better, Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Han Solo, left, and Indiana Jones.
Han Solo, left, and Indiana Jones.

I’ve had occasion to watch a lot of movies lately with all this time on my hands while I’m waiting to heal.

That often leads me off on paths of whimsy as I ponder things like, who was the better film character, Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Actually, that’s a good party question. I think I can talk about it without dropping any spoilers. Surely everyone who would care has seen all these movies by now.

Each character has appeared in four movies in their respective film series. All the movies have been blockbusters regardless of reviews.

Each series was a trilogy before a fourth movie was added to each, and in that fourth movie the characters were allowed to age.

So, when we meet Han Solo again in episode seven of Star Wars, 30 years after he helped destroy the Empire’s Death Star and defeat all the bad guys, he still is a smuggler, trying to avoid bounty hunters, only he has a bigger space ship. He hasn’t lost his touch for getting into deep trouble and escaping in spectacular fashion.

He still is funny and self-deprecating, but you would think sometime in that 30 years he would have settled down some. Although he can fix a hyper relay to get back to light speed, he doesn’t always seem all that bright, constantly falling into the same traps.

He meets up again with his wife, Leia, now a general instead of a princess for some reason, and we find they have a son, Ben, who has transformed himself into Kylo Ren, a disciple of the Dark Side of the force. Those pesky children.

Meanwhile, in the fourth Indiana Jones movie, Indiana finds his long-lost love Marion Ravenwood again, after 20 years or so and discovers he also has a son, Henry Jones Williams III, called Mutt, who gets involved with his father in an adventure involving a crystal skull.

Both characters have good and bad in their lives. Jones has to put up with some boring classroom stuff and probably catalog some of the items he has recovered through the years. But his life is leavened by his amazing adventures, which always seem to be shared with beautiful women. Not a bad life, cavorting with singer Willie Scott in the temple of doom and with Elsa, the Austrian Nazi who loved him and then betrayed him, while also sleeping with his father, Henry Jones Sr.

We don’t know what Han has been up to with other women. While he has made a lot of smugglers mad enough to want to kill him, it seems that with light speed it never takes more than a few minutes to go from planet to planet. So he must have had time for some fun in 30 years.

Han, unfortunately, dies in the latest movie, killed by his son who is seeking to delve deeper into the Dark Side. Really pesky kid.

We don’t know what will happen to Indiana in the next movie scheduled for 2019. But the guy is getting older. How long can he hold on while chasing archaeological treasures and fighting villains all over the world?

Because both characters are fictional, you can read into them what you want. Which is the cooler?

All I can think is that it must be good to be the guy who played each character, Harrison Ford.