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Coalition seeks adoptive families for area children

Shaniah, 14, and Shanae, 12.
Shaniah, 14, and Shanae, 12.

Christopher, 10, and sisters Shaniah, 14, and Shanae, 12, are looking for forever homes.

The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition of St. Louis works with foster parents to provide temporary and permanent homes for children in need.

Christopher enjoys being with others he cares about. He loves to give hugs and has an easy-going personality. Some of Christopher’s favorite things to do are listening to music and cruising in the car. He also loves road trips and playing outside. He’s not a picky eater and his favorite foods are French fries and oranges.

With the assistance of his hearing aids, Christopher is learning small words and basic sign language. He is also able to communicate in other ways. Though Christopher does have some special needs, he meets small goals each day. Christopher loves school and is always excited to head out in the mornings.

It would be important for his forever family to help him maintain a relationship and contact with his siblings.

Though they are unfortunately placed in separate homes right now, Shaniah and Shanae look forward to joining a family together someday.

While they could almost pass for twins, Shaniah takes great pride in being the older sister. The girls love spending time with each other and have many of the same interests. They enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping and styling their hair and makeup.

Shaniah and Shanae are both talented singers, dancers and gymnasts. They love expressing themselves through art. Shaniah participates in weekly dance classes and says that African-style is her favorite.

Shanae is a natural performer. She loves making others laugh and thrives in the spotlight.

They also have older siblings and it is important to the girls to maintain contact with them.

To find out more about Christopher or Shaniah and Shanae, please call the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition at 1-800-367-8373 or visit its website: