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Friends of Belleville Library host trivia night to benefit summer reading program

It was a cold winter night, but Friends of Belleville Public Library were thinking summer last Saturday.

Proceeds from the nonprofit group’s trivia night benefit the Children’s Summer Reading Program.

Want to help? Send a check to the Friends in care of the Belleville Public Library, 121 E. Washington St., Belleville, IL 62220.

Categories ranged from food (Rich meat sauce named after an Italian city? Bolognese after Bologna) and presidents (What are four state capitals named for a U.S. president? Jackson, Miss., Jefferson City, Mo., Madison, Wis., and Lincoln, Neb.), sports (Last team Brett Favre played for? Minnesota Vikings), and true or false (If you are out in the rain, you’ll get wetter by walking than by running. True.)

“Have fun,” said trivia creator Gary Lawrence. “We did.”

1. Which four members of the 1964 World Champion Cardinals became major league baseball broadcasters?

2. Grocer Patrick Towle named this syrup in honor of a president’s humble beginnings. What is the name of this syrup?

3. Name the sports figure featured on the Sept. 22., 1947, cover of Time Magazine with the caption, “He and his boss took a chance.”

4. You “auto” know the name of this chief of the Ottowa who fought against the British settlements in the 1760s. Who is this chief?

5. What NFL team’s new stadium is located 45 miles from the city it calls home?

6. Where does President Obama rank on the list of youngest presidents? Is he third, fourth, fifth or sixth youngest?

7. Which performer has had 11 movie soundtrack albums hit the Billboard top ten, with four reaching No. 1?

8. The idiom, “drop the gloves” comes from what sport?

9. What are the two main ingredients in the French grilled sandwich called croque monsieur?

10. What question did Joan Rivers first ask at the 1995 Oscars?

11. President William Henry Harrison served only 31 days as president. Which president served only 199 days?

12. What song did Buddy Holly name for his drummer’s girlfriend?

13. While working for the OSS (a U.S. intelligence office) during World War II, Julia Child created a recipe that wasn’t for creme brulee or crepes. It was used to deter something and was inedible. It saved thousands of lives for more than 30 years. What is it?

14. Who is the first man in the 20th century to hold all four federally elected offices: Congressman, senator, vice president and president?

15. What movie was loosely based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale “The Snow Queen”?

16. In Britain, it is called a jacket potato. What do we call it in the good old USA?

17. In 2014, the last member of this musical group died at the age of 99 in Vermont. What is the last name of this group of singers?


1. Mike Shannon, Bob Uecker, Tim McCarver and Bill White

2. Log Cabin

3. Jackie Robinson

4. Pontiac

5. San Francisco 49ers

6. Fifth

7. Elvis Presley

8. Hockey

9. Ham and cheese

10. Who are you wearing?

11. James A. Garfield

12. “Peggy Sue”

13. Shark repellent

14. Lyndon Baines Johnson

15. “Frozen”

16. Baked potato

17. Von Trapp