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Q&A: Do you wear a watch?

Daylight Savings Time begins next weekend. Set your clock an hour ahead next Saturday night or early Sunday morning. We gave students and workers at Southwestern Illinois College’s Belleville campus a timely question.

“I wore a watch till it broke last semester. The glass cracked when I slammed my wrist into a door. I wear it for keeping time. That’s why I use my phone now, or I am in trouble. I am going to buy a new one and get the other one fixed. That way I will have two. .”

Nicole Nance, 30


studying office administration and technology

“I usually wear a watch, but I woke up too late and didn’t think about it. I wear one to tell time and for fashion. My favorite time of day is nighttime because I get to go to bed.”

Valmire Jusuti, 20


biochemistry major and waitress at Spring Garden Restaurant

“I used to, but watches don’t last long around me. The watch I have now is big on my wrist. I prefer cheap metal ones with a smaller clock face. My favorite time of day? I prefer the morning from 7:30 to 8:30..”

Madeline Dietrich, 17

New Athens

plans to major in forensic chemistry

“I’d be lost without my watch. I use it as a paramedic and a nursing student. I’ve worn a watch ever since grade school. I like the ones with metal stretch bands. My watch has to have a second hand. ”

Angel Miller-Seger, 52

Red Bud

nursing major who works part time at MedStar Ambulance

“I wore this one today because it matched my outfit, not to tell time. I usually buy my watches at the mall. My favorite time of day is the afternoon.”

Martiya Evans, 18


plans to start nursing school in April

]“I have three or four watches. I wear them mostly to go with my outfits, not really to tell time. That’s what I use my phone for.”

Dayzi Wilmsmeyer, 18


culinary major who works at Steak N Shake in Belleville

“I use my watch (a Timex Ironman) to tell time, but when I am out running, I have one that tracks my mileage. I have a different watch, a Garmin (running watch) at home. Its face is really big. It does everything I need it to do. I’ve worn a watch since I was in the military, and had to be certain places at certain times. It was easier to wear a watch than to find a clock. Favorite time of day? Midafternoon. That’s when I do my running.”

Tom Thompson, 59


custodian at SWIC