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Trivia: Senior softball team raises money to travel

Illinois Dyehards, a senior women’s softball team, is made up of players from Red Bud to St. Louis. Ages range from 49 to 65, with 55 being the average age.

“During the summer, we play in the Granite City park district league on Tuesday nights,” said team member Michelle Taylor. “Irwin Chapel Funeral Home sponsors our league play and assists with expenses when we go to the Senior Olympics. The National Senior Olympics Games will be held July 3-16 this year in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn. The softball competition will be July 3 to 7.

“We do fundraisers in the winter to help cover travel expenses. We will have tables March 22 at the Cornbread Yard Sale at Fairmount Park. Come out and see us!”

Player Nancy Sutherlin came up with the trivia quesitons.


1. Many people use abbreviations when texting. What do these three abbreviations mean? B3, F2F and GR8

2. Samuel Powers was a character on television’s “Saved by the Bell.” By what name is the character better known?

3. In the 2006 animated movie “Happy Feet,” Robin Williams voiced two different characters. Name them.

4. The New York Stock Exchange has numerous companies as members. What companies involved with finances are represented here? C; AXP; BAC; DFS; and WFC.

5. This movie starred Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Emilio Esteves and featured the song “Don’t You (Forget about Me).” Name the movie and the artist who performed the song.

6. On “Gilligan’s Island,” the Skipper was in charge. What is his given name?

7. This 1980 Robin Williams movie was set in the fictional town of Sweet Haven and was his starring film debut.

8. How tall is the Gateway Arch?

9. Two of TV’s “Lost” island inhabitants were Hugo Reyes and James Ford. What was each more commonly called?

10. Current Blues players Paul Stastny and Chris Butler played hockey together at what area high school?

11. This former Cardinal had 315 put-outs, 18 assists, and no errors before being traded during the 2014 season.

12. Here are three more texting abbreviations for you to decipher. 2nte, H8 and C-P

13. Robin Williams won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for this 1997 drama.

14. This Auburn graduate and current Rams player broke Bo Jackson’s single season running record at the school.

15. Patrick Dempsey was known as Dr. McDreamy on this television series. Name the series and his name on it.


1. Blah, Blah, Blah; Face to Face; Great

2. Screech

3.Ramon & Lovelace

4. C - Citigroup; AXP – American Express Corp.; BAC – Bank of America Corp.; DFS – Discover Financial Services; WFC – Wells Fargo and Co.

5. “The Breakfast Club” and Simple Minds.

6. Jonas Grumby

7. “Popeye”

8. 630 feet

9. Hurley & Sawyer

10. Chaminade

11.Allen Craig

12. Tonight, Hate and Sleepy

13. “Good Will Hunting”

14. Tre Mason

15. “Grey’s Anatomy”; Dr. Derek Shepherd