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Belleville Historical Society dedicates trivia night to founding member

The Belleville Historical Society honored Doug Gain recently with another rousing night of trivia at the St. Luke’s Parish Hall in Belleville.

Gain was a founding member of the group and, for four years, served as its treasurer, accountant and auctioneer. He also collected just about anything connected with Belleville and was a dynamo behind staging the society’s first three trivia nights. He died last March 30 at age 55, so the group paid tribute by including a category of his favorite local history questions.

Formed in March 2010, the society, led by Larry Betz, is dedicated to promoting the city’s heritage by acquiring and preserving local artifacts, documents and property. Visit the website at or donate by writing the society at P.O. Box 23682, Belleville, IL 62223.

Now, see if you can do Doug proud by acing this quiz:

1. Blanket. Cross. Whip. What common thread (hint, hint) do these three items share?

2. What was Ralph Kramden’s occupation on “The Honeymooners”?

3. Who was Illya Kuryakin’s best friend on a 1960s TV show?

4. “A diamond is forever” is which company’s slogan?

5. Besides the outfield, what other two positions did Stan Musial play in his 22 years with the St. Louis Cardinals?

6. What is the name of the restaurant Paula Deen started in Savannah, Ga.?

7. In a 2004 hit, country artists Big and Rich urged listeners to save a horse by doing what?

8. What 1956 John Wayne movie was thought to be cursed because 91 of the 220 people involved contracted cancer — including the Duke himself?

9. What board game is the American equivalent of the Royal Game of India?

10. What iconic area landmark was built in 1949 for the G.S. Suppiger plant?

11. Pie. Pizza. Earth. What do these three things have in common?

12. What was Al Bundy’s occupation on “Married ... With Children”?

13. Who was Eddie Haskell’s best friend on a 1960s TV sitcom?

14. “Buy it, sell it, love it” is a slogan used by what company?

15. Who was the only woman to own the St. Louis Cardinals?

16. What Food Network star was once married to singer Billy Joel?

17. In the world of Harry Potter, what does the admonition “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus” mean?

18. What turned out to be the highest grossing film Paul Newman ever worked in? (It was also his last.)

19. In what board game do players drive tiny plastic cars around various paths?

20. Compton’s Diner was used in the 1967 movie “In the Heat of the Night.” Near which metro-east village was it located?


1. They’re all types of sewing stitches.

2. He was a driver for the Gotham Bus Co.

3. Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) on “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”

4. DeBeers has been saying that since 1948.

5. First base and, on Sept. 28, 1952, he pitched to one batter.

6. In 1996, she opened Lady & Sons with her sons, Jamie and Bobby

7. Riding a cowboy.

8. “The Conqueror” with Wayne playing Genghis Khan. “I fight! I love! I conquer ... like a barbarian!”

9. Parcheesi

10. Suppiger spent about $24,000 to erect the Brooks Catsup bottle water tower in Collinsville.

11. They all have crusts.

12. He sold shoes at Gary’s Shoes and Accessories for Today’s Woman

13. Wally Cleaver (Tony Dow) on “Leave it to Beaver”

14. eBay

15. Helene Robison Britton took over from 1911-1916 after her father, Stanley, died.

16. Joel was 55 when he married 23-year-old Katie Lee, co-host of “The Kitchen,” in 2004. The union lasted five years.

17. Never tickle a sleeping dragon

18. Newman was the voice of Doc Hudson in the 2006 flick “Cars.”

19. The Game of Life

20. Razed years ago, it was just northwest of Freeburg.