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    Belleville News-Democrat and are the leading providers of news and information for Southwestern Illinois and St. Louis Region. Now you can access the best and most complete area news coverage on your iPhone and iPod Touch.


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    The best and most complete source for news of the metro-east and the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. BND provides the latest news, weather, sports and entertainment news from southwestern Illinois in a digital experience customized on your Android device.


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    Connect with BND no matter where you are. The Belleville News Democrat's app delivers real-time breaking news and content specifically formatted for your iPad. Stay on top of the latest developments in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area with stories, blogs, photos and more.


  • Replica edition for iPad

    Replica edition for iPad

    Flip through the pages of a PDF replica of The Belleville News Democrat exactly as it appears in print. Download this free iPad app to access your BND Plus subscription.