Collinsville printing business hits milestone, changes name

This month, Jim Broyles celebrated his 25th year in business at Kwik Kopy Printing in Collinsville by renaming his business. Now, he and his wife are the proprietors of Premier Digital Printing after a quarter of a decade as a Kwik Kopy franchise. Broyles recently talked about his milestone and new name with business reporter Will Buss:

Q. Why the name change?

A. "We ended our 25-year commitment with Kwik Kopy Printing and the franchise just ended, so we decided to go independent and create a new name and continue operating the same business in the same location, with the same service and the same staff and the same corporate structure, so on and so forth."

Q. What brought you into the printing business in the first place?

A. "I retired from the Air Force 25 years ago and was looking for a job. I was looking for business opportunities, and I just kind of stumbled into a print franchise. It was a different one (other than Kwik Kopying), and I was intrigued by it and a lot of it appealed to me, and so that's what we did, my wife and I. We got involved as a family business and are still involved."

Q. How has your business changed over the years?

A. "Many things have changed. We used to do even more by hand. Now, it is all done by computer advancement. Everything is done by computers, and we print digitally, now, rather than manually like we used to. Everything is changed. In the '80s and '90s, we were more of a print service provider and now, with advent of computers, everything is more or less digital. We can no longer survive doing just printing. We just branched out and are moving toward becoming a marketing service provider which involves customizing with customers the design materials and printing materials and even mailing for them. We address the piece directly in the machine as it is printed and then we take it to the post office. We are kind of a one-stop shop providing materials and service for consumer. We still do a lot of printing, but that is just one arm of the service."

Q. What separates your business from others?

A. "Just our capability of a fast turnaround, friendly service and the fact that we can do most of it in-house. We don't farm out a lot out. We do some, but a good amount, about 85 percent, of business is created in-house. We're really a manufacturing company, as well as a print service."

Q. What is your plan for the next 25 years?

A. "We probably won't last that long. My wife and I are getting up in age, and we probably will sell the business in the near future, but there are no immediate plans. We're working until that right offer comes along. Who knows what will happen? We continue to press on. We have employees, and we want them to keep their jobs, and we have customers that we want to keep happy."