United tries annual bag check fee

United Airlines put a new twist on baggage fees Monday, introducing a sort of all-you-can-carry fee for luggage.

The airline said travelers could pay $249 for the right to check two bags every time they fly United or United Express for a year.

The annual fee covers domestic or international flights. It also covers standard checked bags for up to eight companions traveling under the same confirmation number as the subscriber, United said.

United charges $20 to check the first bag at the airport and $30 for the second. So a traveler would break even checking two bags after five trips. A family traveling together might break even or even save money on their first trip.

The nation's third-largest airline called it an "introductory price." It didn't say how long the price would be available, or how high it might rise once the introductory period ends.

The fee does not cover charges for oversized and overweight bags.