Michelin Man gets an update

Fear not, the Michelin Man is doing battle with the evil gas pump that sucks money from drivers' wallets.

That's the theme of Michelin's latest TV spot unveiled Tuesday in New York as part of the French tire company's new global advertising campaign.

The campaign, which starts in the U.S. this week, touts the cost savings of Michelin's tires as it fights for market share in an increasingly competitive market. It features the Michelin Man in print, TV, and Internet ads and on social networking sites.

The character, made of stacked white tires, is even getting his own Facebook page and a dedicated You Tube channel.

Claire Dorland-Clauzel, the company's senior vice president for communications and brands, said the campaign tries to highlight the fuel efficiency, safety and environmentally friendly aspects of Michelin tires in a way that grabs the attention of shoppers.