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East St. Louis superintendent made $238k in ’15 — 3rd on pay database

East St. Louis School District 189 Superintendant Arthur Culver was paid $238,000 in 2015.
East St. Louis School District 189 Superintendant Arthur Culver was paid $238,000 in 2015.

Arthur Culver, the superintendent of East St. Louis School District 189, is the third-highest-paid person in the Belleville News-Democrat’s Public Pay Database for 2016.

According to public records supplied by the district, Culver made $238,000 last year, putting him behind Julie Anne Furst-Bowe, the former chancellor of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, who made $323,819.84. Second on the public pay database is Bruce Rotter, the dean of SIUE’s School of Dental Medicine, who made $274,536.48.

Culver’s salary put him above more than four dozen SIUE deans and department chairs, the state’s attorneys in six counties, the president of Southwestern Illinois College, and about 17,500 other people in the database.

The East St. Louis School District employed 704 people in 2015. The district’s salaries – along with others for many metro-east government agencies and schools – are now on the Public Pay Database, which can be found at

Other top-paid officials in District 189 include:

▪ Nick Mance, Chief Financial Officer, $165,600

▪ Alexander Ikejiaku, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, $146,600

▪ Devon Horton, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education, $141,100

▪ Tina Frye, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, $139,049

▪ Lelon Seaberry Jr., SIG Grant Transformational Officer, $110,000

Six elementary principals made an average of nearly $83,000. Three middle school principals took home about $93,000. One high school principal made about $109,000.

247 employees were classified as classroom teachers. They made about $62,500 on average last year.

There were also 57 special education teachers who made about $66,000.

38 more custodians made about $32,000.

All but two employees made $20,800, or $10 an hour for a full work year. The median, or middle, salary was $55,731.

The Public Pay Database chronicles the salaries of public, non-state employees. Currently, workers’ pay is available for 23 other school districts, 14 cities, 30 townships, six counties, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and Southwestern Illinois College.

The Public Pay Database contains more than 17,500 people for 2015. Besides current salaries, the Public Pay Database has information available for previous years back to 2011. The data is gathered through Freedom of Information Act requests.

The database gives basic compensation data and does not include retirement or insurance benefits. In addition, some government bodies operate on a fiscal year, others on a calendar year, so comparisons are not always the same for the exact same time period.

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