Metro-East News

Do you want to be mayor? It’s time to start your campaign.

While you may be thinking about the Nov. 8 presidential election, hundreds of metro-east residents are already making plans to run for local offices such as mayor, alderman, village board member, school board member and township trustee in the April 4 election.

Most of the local candidates were allowed to begin circulating petitions on Tuesday. These forms need to be signed by residents in their district and must be turned between Dec. 12 and Dec. 19. The number of required signatures varies by office and is based on how many people voted previously.

In cities where there’s the possibility of a primary on Feb. 28, prospective candidates were allowed to begin circulating petitions on Aug. 30 and those petitions are due between Nov. 21 and Nov. 28.

Collinsville, East St. Louis, Highland and Mascoutah are four of the metro-east cities where a primary could be scheduled because those cities have a city manager form of government. However, the decision on whether to have a primary is based on the number of candidates who file to run for office.

For example, if three or more people file to run for mayor in Highland, then a primary will be scheduled for this position. If only one or two persons file for the spot, then a primary will not be scheduled. Highland has two openings on the City Council and if five or more people file to run, then a primary would be scheduled.

In Collinsville, East St. Louis and Mascoutah, a primary would be held if nine or more candidates file to run for the two open City Council positions. Also in Mascoutah, a primary would be scheduled if five or more candidates file to run for mayor.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the municipal seats that are up for election in metro-east communities:


Mayor Mark Eckert, City Clerk Dallas Cook, Treasurer Dean Hardt, Ward 1 Alderman Ken Kinsella, Ward 2 Alderwoman Jane Pusa, Ward 3 Alderman Kent Randle, Ward 4 Alderman Johnnie Anthony, Ward 5 Alderman Phillip Silsby, Ward 6 Alderman Bob White, Ward 7 Alderman Trent Galetti and Ward 8 Alderman James Musgrove.


Trustee Jerry Nichols Sr., Trustee Phyllis Pearson and Trustee Rhonda Wofford.


Mayor Len Black, Clerk Rob Watt, Trustee Wally Abernathy, Trustee G.W. Scott Sr. and Trustee Brenda Williams.


Councilwoman Nancy Moss and Councilman Jeff Kypta.


Mayor Kevin Hutchinson, Clerk Wesley J. Hoeffken, Ward 1 Alderman James H. Agne, Ward 2 Alderman Mark Roessler, Ward 3 Alderman Gene Ebersohl and Ward 4 Alderwoman Mary Ellen Niemietz.

East St. Louis

Councilwoman June Hamilton Dean and Councilman Robert Eastern III.


Mayor Hal Patton, City Clerk Dennis McCracken, Treasurer Rich Hampton, Ward 2 Alderman Tom Butts, Ward 4 Alderwoman Jeanette Mallon and Ward 6 Alderman Craig Louer.

Fairview Heights

Ward 1 Alderman Dennis Baricevic, Ward 2 Alderman Justin Gough, Ward 3 Alderwoman Pat Baeske, Ward 4 Alderwoman Pat Peck and Ward 5 Alderwoman Denise Williams.


Mayor Seth Speiser, Village Clerk Jerry Lynn Menard, Trustee Denise Albers, Trustee Dean Pruett and Trustee Mathew Trout.

Glen Carbon

Mayor Robert Jackstadt, Village Clerk Peggy Goudy, Trustee Jorja Dickemann, Trustee Brooke Harmony and Trustee Mary Beth Williams.

Granite City

Mayor Ed Hagnauer, City Clerk Judy Whitaker, Treasurer Gail Valle, Ward 1 Alderman Gerald Williams, Ward 2 Alderman Walmer Schmidtke, Ward 3 Alderman Dan McDowell, Ward 4 Alderman Paul Jackstadt and Ward 5 Alderman Ron Simpson.


Mayor Joseph R. Michaelis, City Clerk Barbara Bellm, City Treasurer Dennis Foehner, City Councilman Rick J. Frey and City Councilwoman Peggy Bellm.


Mayor Larry Gulledge, Trustee Linda Garcia, Trustee Ed Kostyshock and Trustee Craig Short.


Mayor Jerry Daugherty, City Councilman Ben Grodeon and City Councilman Pat McMahan.


Mayor Michael H. Todd, Village Clerk Crissy Pipik, Trustee Mike French, Trustee Al Lehr and Trustee Mark Todd.


Mayor Gary Graham, City Clerk Phil Goodwin, Ward 1 Alderman Gene McCoskey, Ward 2 Alderman Jerry Albrecht, Ward 3 Alderman Matthew Gilreath, Ward 4 Alderman Herb Roach, Ward 5 Alderwoman Courtney Marsh, Ward 6 Alderman Ray Holden and Ward 7 Alderman Harlan Gerrish. Also, in Ward 5 there will be an opening for a two-year term to fill the position held by Michael Bennett, who resigned on Monday.


Mayor Jim Vernier, Trustee Mark Kurtz, Trustee Tina Warchol and Trustee Bob Weilmuenster.


Mayor Kenneth Mueller, Treasurer Michael Leopold, Village Clerk Lauren O’Neill, Trustee Matthew Lanter, Trustee Katherine Ruocco and Trustee Brian Wells.


Ward 1 Alderman Russ Thomas, Ward 2 Alderwoman Rita Trantham, Ward 3 Alderman Gerry Frederick and Ward 4 Alderwoman Vicki Koerber.