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Metro-east man accused of striking child with a sword

Dominick X. Brooks
Dominick X. Brooks

A 28-year-old Columbia man faces charges of endangering a 3-year-old’s life and for striking the child “in the stomach with a sword,” police said.

Dominick X. Brooks was arrested, but not before he “kicked and tried to bite officers,” Columbia Police Chief Jerald Paul said Thursday.

Brooks was taken to the Monroe County Jail after police received a call from a neighbor that a child was out wandering in the street alone. Officers from the Columbia Police Department responded before 5 p.m. Oct. 14 to the 500 block of Columbia Avenue.

Paul said when officers got there, the found that the child was already back inside the home and they said they found Brooks “passed out, intoxicated” in an upstairs bedroom. Police did not say how the man was related to the child.

Police found “poisonous chemicals and old food” out on the floor of the home. Paul said officers also learned that Brooks had allegedly “struck the victim in the stomach with a sword.”

The chief did not release further details, but said the child has been taken into protective custody.

“When officers were investigating and when they confronted Brooks with the information, he knowingly resisted the officers,” Paul said, adding that Brooks was combative and refused to get inside a police car.

Paul said one officer received a minor injury in the altercation, which was a scratch to the arm.

“He was so resistive that he continued fighting and kicking the caged doors and spat on the inside of the car,” Paul said. “Because he was such in an agitated state, we drove him right to the Monroe County Jail.”

The chief said the police vehicle received $1,189.66 in damages.

Brooks was charged with domestic battery, endangering the life of a child, resisting arrest and criminal damage to government-supported property.

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