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St. Louis protesters march against Trump


Hundreds took to the streets to protest the election of Donald Trump in St. Louis Sunday afternoon, according to numerous media reports.

Protesters started near City Garden and reached downtown, going westbound on Washington Avenue, St. Louis Post-Dispatch said. The peaceful protest lasted about four hours, and appeared to have been organized through Facebook.

“As of recent many of us are afraid for the safety of our family and/or friends. Now is the time to let your voice be heard,” the Facebook event text said. “Now is the time to let the world know we are here and our feelings are valid. But most importantly Saint Louis, now is the time to let them know we will NOT take this sitting down. We will raise our voices and show that we can accomplish being firm and (resilient) against hatred, while remaining peaceful.

“If you share these views, you are invited to march through the streets of downtown Saint Louis to make our presence and stance on the current politics of our nation known. Alone, we are great. But together we are an unstoppable force.”

No arrests were reported as a result of the protest.

Some of the protesters were carrying signs calling for unity, KMOV reported, while others carried placards critical of Trump.

The protest in St. Louis was among several that have been reported in major cities since Trump, a Republican, won his bid Tuesday to become the next U.S. president, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Some marchers told KSDK reporters that they were fearful of a Trump presidency following his remarks during the campaign regarding Muslims, gay rights, women and other issues.