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Firefighters freed a stuck dachshund. But they had to destroy the recliner.

It took about five Swansea firefighters and two police officers to save a miniature dachshund named Scout from the underside of a reclining loveseat early Wednesday morning.

The animal rescue ended successfully after 45 minutes, Swansea Fire Chief John McGuire said.

The Swansea Fire Department was called out to rescue the tiny dog in distress at about 7:30 a.m. on Adam Drive.

“It was a little mini dachshund, and somehow he was under the reclining loveseat,” the fire chief said. “His head was caught in between the mechanism.”

“We had to cut the couch and destroy the couch to get the dog out,” McGuire said.

The fire department said the dog’s human family “was very cooperative” in the intricate process. Firefighters had to cut pieces of the steel undercarriage of the couch to rescue the family’s pet.

One destroyed couch later, the dog was freed and glad to be out.

The dog wasn’t hurt but was a little shaken up.

“As soon as we got him free, he seemed fine,” McGuire said. “It’s always great when it turns out good.”

He added: “Like my captain said, the dog should be renamed Lucky.”

Kaitlyn Schwers