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Woman driving to church crashes through neighbor’s fence

Sharon and Stan Wierciszewski were still in bed when they heard the crash Sunday morning.

Stan said his first thought was that someone had broken into his home and knocked over a storage shelf. He rushed downstairs. It was no break-in.

A neighbor headed to church lost control of her car, driving it through a fence on the Wierciszewski property in the 10 block of Westbury Drive around 8:20 a.m.

Belleville police and firefighters responded, as well as an ambulance crew. The first responders arrived to find the woman’s white Mercury Sable punched through both a wooden and chain link fence. Shattered slats and plastic bits from the car littered a concrete pad adjacent to the Wierciszewski home. The chain link fence was partially mangled and one of its posts, which was anchored into the ground by at least a foot of concrete, was uprooted.

The car sustained heavy front end damage, but its airbags did not deploy.

The woman, who lives two doors down from Stan and Sharon, was not seriously injured but was transported to Memorial Hospital.