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He was watching a DVD, then his couch was suddenly on fire

Tim Foster was hanging out in his kitchen and watching a DVD around 9 p.m. Monday when he heard glass shatter.

The front window at the house he rents at 68 St. Ambrose Drive had been busted open and his couch was on fire. In a panic, Foster tried to put out the fire. He tried to take a seat cushion that was on fire and extinguish the blaze by himself. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get it under control. As a result, most of his front room and the front of the one-story residence was severely burned as a result of the fire.

“I heard two kids out front arguing,” said Foster, who has rented the house for two years. “The next thing I know I hear glass break and my couch is on fire.”

Foster doesn’t know how the fire started. He isn’t sure if something was thrown through the window. Cahokia Fire Chief Stephen Robbins didn’t know what had sparked the fire either. A member of the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office was at the scene and will investigate the cause.

Robbins said firefighters were dispatched shorty after 9 p.m.

“Upon arrival we had heavy fire in the front of the house,” Robbins said. “Crews were able to make an interior attack. Damage looks like it was contained to the front room and part of the kitchen.”

Robbins said the fire was under control within 15 minutes after his crew arrived. No one was injured as Foster was the only one at home when the fire started.

Foster said he did not have anywhere to stay on Monday night. As he waited outside, he was hopeful a laptop computer and cellphone that he left in the kitchen were not damaged in the fire.

Firefighters from the Dupo Fire Department and Prairie Du Pont Fire Department also assisted at the scene.

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