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Police find ‘discrepancies’ in reported child luring case

Police have found “some discrepancies” in an investigation about a man who reportedly tried to lure three children to his car last week, the police department said in a social media post Tuesday.

Investigators with the Belleville Police Department identified a “person of interest” in the case Monday, less than a week after school officials reported suspicious behavior by a middle-aged man toward three Abraham Lincoln Elementary School students. The students, all siblings, told police the man tried to lure them to his car as they were walking home from school in the 600 block of North 39th St.

Police said they interviewed the person of interest, adding “It does not appear that there was any criminal intent involved.”

Some of the information provided did not seem to match up, the social media post said.

“We have found some discrepancies in the original report and are attempting to substantiate some of the information provided,” police said.

The investigation continues.