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State launches liquor inspection pilot program in East St. Louis

Officials in East St. Louis are now expected to carry out inspections on behalf of the state of places holding liquor licenses in the city.

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission issued a press release Thursday saying that it recently joined forces with the city of East St. Louis to launch what they call the liquor inspection pilot program. The state said it’s providing financial assistance and training for designated local inspectors to carry out standard inspections in an effort to improve the allocation of alcohol beverage compliance resources.

East St. Louis started conducting inspections of its 51 retail license holders after it completed ILCC training in November. The pilot program is expected to continue through June 30.

The state said inspections in East St. Louis include areas of local concern, such as health and sanitation, license and insurance verifications and deceptive practices. Under the terms of the agreement, East St. Louis officials are required to report their findings to the state commission, which could result in further adjudicative action, the state said.

The pilot program is set to cover East St. Louis city limits and does not include unincorporated areas.

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