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Fire departments respond to incident at Chevys restaurant in O’Fallon

Fire crews responded to Chevys Fresh Mex in O’Fallon on Saturday night after a neon sign shorted out leading to the smell of wood burning in the restaurant, O’Fallon Fire Chief Brent Saunders said.

Firefighters from the O’Fallon Fire Department arrived at the restaurant at 1305 Central Parkway Drive as it was being evacuated.

Saunders said there was smoke in there was smoke in one area of the building that led to the parapet wall to the exterior of the restaurant.

The neon lighting shorted out, and made contact with the power supply, Saunders said.

Crew opened up the roof to make sure the fire was out.

All of the staff was OK, Saunder said.

“There’s no damage to the interior of the building, no smoke damage,” Saunders said. “It was a light haze. It basically smelled like wood burning.”

Saunders estimated there was less than $1,000 in damage and the restaurant’s neon lighting was shut down.