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Stookey Township appoints a new member, and it’s made some people unhappy

A decision to appoint a new trustee to the Stookey Township Board without considering any other possible candidates has drawn criticism.

When Steve Gomric was sworn in as a St. Clair County Board member earlier this month, it created a vacancy on the Stookey Township board, where Gomric was a trustee.

So Stookey Township Supervisor David Bone recommended Cindy Bingham, who was ultimately approved in a 3-to-2 vote.

Trustees Thomas Kroupa and Curtis Williams voted against the appointment.

Kroupa said he wanted people to be able to apply for the position.

“The supervisor puts stuff on the agenda,” Kroupa said. “No one had a chance to put any resumes in to get the job.”

Bingham has filed to run for township trustee in the April election.

“It’s a conflict of interest to appoint someone who will be on your ticket,” Kroupa said.

Bone and Trustee Ryan Stookey voted in favor of appointing Bingham. Township Clerk Les Greene then broke the tie and voted to appoint Bingham. Greene can only vote when there is a tie on an appointment, he said.

“I know (her) for being active in the area, in the Ogles subdivision,” Greene said.

Greene added if Bingham wants to keep the job, she will have to be elected in April.

Bingham was the only person brought up to the board.

Bingham didn’t return a message seeking comment.

Bone called Bingham a “great asset” to the township.

“She has lived in the township for a long time and is active in the Ogles Neighborhood Association,” Bone said. “I think she’s more than qualified for the position.”

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