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She told people she had cancer. Now she may go to jail.

Melissa D. Barton
Melissa D. Barton

A local woman pleaded guilty to theft charges more than two years after she apparently faked cancer, the Troy Police Department announced on its Facebook page Friday.

Police said Melissa D. Barton was charged in 2014 with two felony counts of theft by deception over $500. She pleaded guilty to the charges in October in Madison County Circuit Court.

Barton is awaiting sentencing in Madison County. She faces a penalty ranging from probation all the way up to seven years in prison.

Police had learned in the summer of 2014 that Barton was asking for and receiving money from religious organizations, individuals and online donation websites after she told people that she had cancer and that her son had leukemia.

“It’s a shame that someone would claim to have cancer just to receive money,” Troy Police Chief Brad Parsons had said in a written statement. “Troy is a community that will come together to help each other when it’s needed. It is acts like this that make people more hesitant to assist those that really need the help.”