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Here’s the lineup of township candidates for the April 4 election

Voters will head to the polls on April 4 for the local election for various offices such as city councils, school boards and townships, where open positions include supervisors, road commissioners, tax assessors, clerks and trustees.

The deadline to file petitions was Dec. 19. Here’s who filed to run for office in selected townships:

Belleville Township

▪  No candidate petitions were accepted because the township is dissolving and the city of Belleville will take over the township’s duties in May.

Caseyville Township

▪  Supervisor: Bruce P. Canty, incumbent; and Richard Donovan

▪  Clerk: David A. Jacknewitz

▪  Highway commissioner: Michael D. Black and John Waldron, incumbent

▪  Trustees (four positions): Claude Cable, Montica Casey-Watt, Justin Gough, Tom Green, Linda Hoppe, James Lemansky Sr., incumbent; Justin Renner, and John Wilson

Collinsville Township

▪  Supervisor: Terry Allan, incumbent

▪  Road commissioner: Larry Trucano, incumbent

▪  Tax Assessor: Peter Poletti

▪  Clerk: Gailyn Dowling

▪  Trustees (four positions): Chris Bethel, Derrick Keith Cox, Michael Foley, incumbent; Dennis Hill, incumbent; Daniel Hopkins, and Patrick Presson

East St. Louis Township

▪  Supervisor: Tommy Dancy, Barbara F. Henderson, Courtney M. Hoffman II, Dorothy M. Joshway and Alvin L. Parks Jr.

▪  Clerk: Harry Hollingsworth, incumbent; Michael Pierson, and Kenneth “Bug” Watts.

▪  Trustees (four positions): Raymond Bonds, Temera Sharmar Gilmore, Terrance Harlan, Antonio Johnson, Nathaniel McCloud, Edith Moore, incumbent; Willie A. Ricco Moore, Troy F. Mosley, incumbent; Scott R. Randolph, Michael Roberts, incumbent; Kelvin Searcy, and Anthony Tarvin

Edwardsville Township

▪  Supervisor: W. Barth Legate and Frank Miles, incumbent

▪  Clerk: Fred Schulte

▪  Assessor: Judy Klopmeier

▪  Highway commissioner: Danny Picarella

▪  Trustee (four positions): Matthew Chapman, Kenny Krumeich, incumbent; and Charles A. Schmidt

Freeburg Township

▪  Supervisor: Charles Hill, incumbent

▪  Clerk: Marianne Recker, incumbent

▪  Highway commissioner: Dale Recker, incumbent

▪  Trustee (four positions): Kenneth Bald, Philip Krieg, Tony Miller and Roger Rubemeyer, all are incumbents

Granite City Township

▪  Supervisor: Kathleen “Kathy” Goclan and Robert “Bob” Shipley, incumbent

▪  Assessor: Debbie Gray, incumbent

Nameoki Township

▪  Supervisor: Danny Kreher, Randy Presswood and Randall Viessman, incumbent

▪  Clerk: Helen Hawkins, incumbent; Jeanine Luehmann

▪  Highway commissioner: Charles Luehmann and Donald Moore, incumbent

▪  Assessor: Elaine Beckland and Tammy Hanfelder, incumbent

▪  Trustees (four positions): Dan Abel, incumbent; Curt Edwards, incumbent; John Eric Foster; Ernest Morris; Fritz Nemsky, incumbent; and Kelly Staley

O’Fallon Township

▪  Supervisor: Gary Ahle, incumbent

▪  Clerk: David M. Witter, incumbent

▪  Highway commissioner: Mark Downs, incumbent

▪  Trustee (four positions): Gary Hursey, incumbent; Todd Roach; and Douglas Scott, incumbent

St. Clair Township

▪  Supervisor: Dave Barnes, incumbent; and Robert “Bob” Buechler

▪  Highway commissioner: James E. Hursey and John “Skip” Kernan, incumbent

▪  Clerk: Jana Armstrong Moll and Michelle R. Curry

▪  Assessor: Claire B. Prindable

▪  Trustee (four positions): Mary K. Carroll, incumbent; Michael Isenhart, Timothy D. Lockett Sr., Hart Morgan, John Y. Vosler, Donald R. Wallace and Julie Zimmerman Miller

Stookey Township

▪  Supervisor: David H. Bone, incumbent; and Curtis R. Williams

▪  Highway commissioner: Chad K. Davis, Salim “Sal” Elkott, Donald Lillis, incumbent; and Brent A. Scharf

▪  Clerk: Lester (Les) Greene, incumbent

▪  Assessor: Stan J. Sieron, incumbent

▪  Trustees (four positions): Mark P. Bagby, Daniel C. Barger, Cindy L. Bingham, incumbent; Jean Quirin Frierdich, Thomas W. Kroupa, incumbent; Leticia Lopez, Dennis F. Oaks, Rosemary E. Schaedler, and Ryan L. Stookey, incumbent

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