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She survived the plane crash that killed her family. She was adopted this week.

A young girl who survived a plane crash that killed most of her family has been adopted by an older half-sister.

Sailor Gutzler had her adoption finalized Thursday, according to WHAS TV in Louisville, Kentucky. She was adopted by her half-sister, Kasie Dlubala, and Dlubala’s husband, Daniel.

The Dlubalas were appointed as the girl’s guardians soon after the Jan. 2, 2015, crash in Lyon County, Kentucky, that killed Sailor’s parents, Kim and Marty Gutzler; Sailor’s sister, 9-year-old Piper; and their 14-year-old cousin, Sierra Wilder.

Sailor Gutzler gained national recognition for how she survived the crash. After the crash, Sailor, who was only 7 at the time, walked about a mile in near-freezing temperatures to seek help, ending up at the home of a 71-year-old man. As she walked for help through dark woods and sticker bushes, she wore only a T-shirt, shorts, one sock, and no shoes.

Marty Gutzler was flying the family back in a Piper PA-34 from a trip to Key West, Florida, when the crash happened.

Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled pilot error was the reason for the crash.

Don O’Brien