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Metro-east mayor, wife missed deadly Florida airport shooting by 10 minutes


The mayor of a metro-east village narrowly missed being at the site of a deadly shooting Friday afternoon at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Mike McCormick, mayor of the Madison County village of Godfrey, was traveling with his wife, Linda, and just missed being at the airport when the shooting took place, according to the Alton Telegraph. McCormick told the Telegraph that their plane landed about 10 minutes early Friday, and they were able to leave the airport before the shooting occurred.

“My original reaction was ‘pretty lucky,’” Mike McCormick told the Telegraph. “We were 10, maybe 12 minutes away from being there when it happened.”

The McCormicks, who are vacationing in Florida, were unaware of what happened at the airport until they reached their lunch destination. They had to go past the airport later in the day.

“I’ve never seen so many police in my life,” McCormick told the Telegraph. “The roads were just full of police. What a sorry situation this is.”

McCormick has been Godfrey’s mayor since 2009 and is running for a third term in April.

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