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Infrastructure projects across St. Clair County getting federal money

More than 20 infrastructure projects in the county are set to receive federal money.

The St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department recently received approval from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to release grant money for various projects around the county.

According to county documents, the county distributed $2.2 million worth of federal community development block grant money to be used in low- to moderate-income areas. HUD recently approved the distribution of the money for several of the projects.

“This is a very competitive process every year,” said Terry Beach, the executive director of the St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department.

Villages, cities and townships all apply for funding for various projects.

Beach said the department receives “twice as many applications than we have funding, because there’s a lot of infrastructure needs out there.”

He added work will begin as soon as construction season begins.

“These are projects the local communities asked for,” Beach said.

In 2016, the Intergovernmental Grants Department spent $3.67 million of community development grant money on public facility projects, according to the department’s annual report.

The cities and townships that receive money also have to provide their own funds toward the projects, as the block grant provides money for a third to a half of the costs.

“Cities and villages put in much more than we give,” Beach said.

Among the projects planned is one along South 11th Street in St. Clair Township for street and storm water improvements from South Belt West to Ridgecrest Drive, for roughly $170,000.

HUD money through the county grants department will account for $80,000 of the work.

“It’s one of the more dangerous roads in the township,” said St. Clair Township Highway Commissioner Skip Kernan.

Kernan said the work planned with the community block grant money will be done to resolve flooding issues on the road.

Kernan said the road is narrow, bumpy and winding.

He said redoing the entire road would cost $2 million, so work would be done in stages.

He said he hopes the work will be done on in less than three or four phases and engineers are working with the state to get additional funding.

“Anyone who has traveled (on the road) will say it’s long overdue,’” Kernan said.

Another project that is receiving funding is a crosswalk project at the intersection of Third Avenue and St. Clair Avenue in Fairview Heights.

Sidewalks were recently completed in the area, and the upcoming project will include a crosswalk as well as the electrical work and signals with push buttons to assist pedestrians in crossing St. Clair Avenue, said John Harty, director of Public Works for Fairview Heights.

“There’s a big push for pedestrian-friendly travel,” Harty said.

Fairview Heights received $30,000 in community development block grant money for the estimated $60,000 project.

Planned projects

The St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department recently received the go ahead from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to distribute money to help pay for infrastructure projects throughout the county.

▪  Belleville - $368,698 for the Dutch Hollow Bridge removal and replacement.

▪  East St. Louis - $607,016 for street improvements along St. Louis Avenue from 10th to 29th Streets.

▪  Marissa - $22,000 for an Americans with Disabilities Act a restroom renovation at village hall.

▪  Swansea - $85,000 for sanitary sewer lining work in the area of Illinois Route 161 and Roger Avenue.

▪  St. Libory - $60,000 for ADA sidewalk and drainage improvements along Sparta Street.

▪  Lenzburg Township - $80,000 for street improvements and a culvert replacement at Golden Rule Mine Road off of Baldwin Road.

▪  Cahokia - $70,000 for a sanitary sewer replacement from Kinder Street to St. Benedict Drive.

▪  Fairmont City - $61,315 for a sanitary sewer replacement on Cookson Road, from 38th Street to Collinsville Road.

▪  Sauget - $70,000 for sanitary sewer lining work along Falling Springs Road.

▪  St. Clair Township - $80,000 for a street/storm water improvement on South 11th Street from South Belt West to Ridgecrest Drive.

▪  Millstadt - $70,000 for ADA sidewalk improvements on West Laurel Street, from Jackson to Monroe Streets.

▪  Canteen Township - $24,200 for water system improvements, fire hydrants and water main valves, along Collinsville Road, John Street, Jesse Street, Black Lane and Harvard Street.

▪  Fairview Heights - $30,000 for a sidewalk improvement with the installation of a pedestrian crosswalk signal (ADA) at the Intersection of Third Avenue and St. Clair Avenue.

▪  Shiloh - $60,000 for street and storm sewer improvements along Church Street (Phase 9).

▪  Centreville - $70,000 for street drainage improvements along Tudor Avenue from Mousette Lane to 46th Street.

▪  Dupo - $70,000 for street improvements along North 9th Street from Lindeman to Godin Avenue.

▪  Washington Park - $70,000 for street improvements along Rosemont Place.

▪  East Carondelet - $50,000 for street and storm drainage improvements along 11th and 12th Streets from State Street to Illinois Avenue

▪  Fayetteville - $60,000 for sanitary sewer rehab along Jefferson and Illinois Avenues and Alleyways

▪  Lebanon - $70,000 for ADA sidewalk and ramps on Monroe Street and Pearl Street

▪  New Athens - $70,000 to remove and replace curb and gutter along the 100 and 200 blocks of North Van Buren Street.

▪  Brooklyn - $61,250 for street and sidewalk Improvements along Washington Street from 4th Street to 6th Street.

Source: St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department