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He embezzled $369,000 on a company credit card. Now he’s going to federal prison.

A judge sentenced a 61-year-old Belleville man Thursday to more than four years in federal prison for embezzling $369,000 from a doctor’s office under his management at the time.

According to a news release from Don Boyce, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, Jerry Akin used the company’s credit card to purchase Cardinals baseball tickets, concert tickets, medical bills and personal travel expenses.

“Akin paid personal credit card bills using the business checking account, and he attempted to conceal the payments by altering the payee of the checks in the business’s Quickbooks accounting software,” the release stated.

Akin, sentenced for two counts of wire fraud involving a scheme to embezzle money from the office, was also ordered to pay $256,563 in restitution — an amount reached after the company took funds from the man’s retirement account.

“The successful prosecution is the result of an investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with the assistance of the doctor’s office,” the release stated.

Dana Rieck