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Local group seeks bras and feminine products for homeless women

A group of Edwardsville women is collecting gently-used bras to give to homeless girls and women Tuesday, along with donated feminine hygiene products, during the Project Homelessness Connect event in Madison County.

According to a release from the Support the Girls local chapter, the national organization works to provide shelters and homeless women with these essential items — as well as raise public awareness of the need for them.

At Tuesday’s event, homeless girls and women will also have access to health checkups, flu vaccinations, makeup and skin care.

The release stated a tampon company, LOLA, donated 17,000 feminine hygiene products that will be distributed to women and girls alongside the bras.

“Shelters for homeless women often don’t stock the feminine care products that are everyday necessities, meaning the women who rely on these services have no one to ask and nowhere to turn,” said Jordana Kier, co-founder and co-CEO of LOLA, in the release. “As a company for women, by women, we knew this was a problem we wanted — and needed — to help solve. We’re honored to partner with Support the Girls to provide feminine care products to women in need.”

The host for the event is the Madison County Partnership to End Homelessness at the Alton Dream Center.

“Items like bras and menstrual hygiene products are small luxuries most women take for granted, but can be some of the most challenging items for women in need to obtain,” said Dana Marlowe, founder of Support the Girls, in the release. “Often they do not have access or cannot afford these items. We are grateful that with the help of our 47 chapters in the U.S. and globally, including our Edwardsville affiliate, and through our national partnership with LOLA, we’ve made an impact by collecting and distributing over 80,000 bras and 200,000 feminine hygiene products to homeless girls and women.”

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