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Glenn McCoy cartoon draws strong reactions from people around the country

News-Democrat editorial cartoonist Glenn McCoy drew a cartoon comparing Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to Ruby Bridges.

His cartoon has caused strong reactions, not just from BND readers but from people across the country.

The website Fusion says the implications being made are difficult to misinterpret. Vox says conservatives can’t stop comparing DeVos protests to segregation. Huffington Post says people are shocked by the cartoon.

Several people have taken to Twitter to comment about Glenn’s cartoon as well:

McCoy responded with this comment on a BND Facebook post regarding the cartoon:

“My cartoon was about how, in this day and age, decades beyond the civil rights protests, it’s sad that people are still being denied the right to speak freely or do their jobs or enter public buildings because others disagree with who they are or how they think,” he wrote. “I’m surprised that you see ‘hate’ in this cartoon when I thought I was speaking out against hate. It’s a woman passively walking while being protected from angry protesters. Isn’t that what went down the other day when DeVos visited a school to do her job? You may disagree with her on issues but I didn’t see any hate coming from her. I did, however see hate going in the other direction which is what made me think of the Rockwell image. That was the only comparison I was drawing. The level of toxicity in today’s political climate has reached ridiculous levels.”