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Swansea man arrested in Hannibal, Mo. drug roundup


Authorities arrested a Swansea man Wednesday in connection with a drug-trafficking conspiracy that involved at least 13 people, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office of eastern Missouri.

Local police and federal agents arrested Tyrone Robinson, 44, of Swansea, and eight others from Quincy, St. Louis, Hannibal and Mexico, Mo. A federal grand jury charged 13 men and women with dealing and supplying drugs in the Hannibal area as well as in other areas of eastern Missouri.

Tyrone L. Williams, 45, of Hannibal and his alleged accomplice Justin Woodson, 31, of St. Louis, obtained cocaine from a source in Austin, Texas and transported the drugs to St. Louis, prosecutors said. Woodson allegedly hired couriers to drive the cocaine from St. Louis to Hannibal. Members of the ring then converted it into crack cocaine and distributed the drug in Hannibal, primarily at an outdoor drug market near the 2000 block of Gordon Street, prosecutors said.

Members of the drug ring also distributed heroin and cocaine, according to prosecutors. The U.S. Attorney also charged five individuals with conspiring to launder money made from selling the drugs.

In addition to the criminal charges, a grand jury indictment also seeks the forfeiture of three cars and three pieces of property in Hannibal.

The Swansea man appeared in court alongside six of the other defendants late Wednesday in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Noelle Collins. All seven were detained after the hearing. They will go in front of a judge again Friday for their detention hearings.

The case was investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the West Central Illinois Drug Task Force, Quincy Police Department, Troy Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Hannibal Police Department and the Northeast Missouri Narcotics Task Force. Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Wick is handling the case.

Other individuals indicted are: Tyrone L. Williams, 45, Hannibal, Mo.; Terry T. Williams, 32, St. Louis; Harold Williams, 28, Hannibal, Mo.; Ashley Shaw, 30, Hannibal, Mo.; Eric L. Dilworth, 33, St. Louis; Corey L. Cobb, 23, Hannibal, Mo.; Christopher J. Harris, 60, St. Louis; Sierra Parrish, 25, Quincy, Ill.; Louetta M. Dorsey, 33, Mexico, Mo.; Brian Jones, 39, Hannibal, Mo.; and Donte M. Clausell, 28, Hannibal, Mo.

One individual, Kalin Anderson, 21, of Hannibal, was also arrested but not part of the indictment. He was arrested on a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. His firearm was seized during the arrest.