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Remains identified as those of missing Dupo hunter

The remains of a badly decomposed body found in some woods near Cahokia on Feb. 18 were identified Monday as those of Christopher Stasiak, 44, of Dupo, who had been reported missing more than a year ago.

Capt. Bruce Fleshren, chief of investigations for the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department, said in news release “there does not appear to have been any foul play or anything suspicious about his death.” Stasiak’s remains were found in an area were he hunted. Fleshren said police believe the area were Stasiak was found was under water during previous searches of the area.

“At the location of his remains, next to him, were his bow with arrows, backpack and chair, all intact right next to him,” Fleshren said. “All of his person(al) property was found with him, in his backpack or on his person at the scene.”

Fleshren said the investigation revealed no signs of trauma to his bones or skull “indicating anything other than some type (of) medical or natural cause of death.”

The identification was made based on descriptions given by his family of clothing and jewelry found at the second. Fleshren said there were deer hunting tags with Stasiak’s name found at the scene. An attempt to identify the remains through dental records was unsuccessful in the days after the remains were found.

Stasiak was last seen Jan. 11, 2016. He was dropped off along Illinois 3 near Cahokia where he had planned to hunt. He had a backpack and a tree stand with him. He was dressed in cold-weather camouflage gear and boots when he was last seen.

The disappearance sparked a multi-day, multi-jurisdictional effort.

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