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Mike Piazza slams St. Louis food scene; rapper Nelly to the rescue

Compiled by Brian Brueggemann

Mike Piazza
Mike Piazza AP

Hall of Fame catcher Mike Piazza dissed St. Louis’ dining scene in a recent New York Times interview, but it appears rapper and St. Louis native Nelly has set him straight.

In the Times piece, which involved Piazza’s new ownership of an Italian soccer team, the former New York Mets player said he also had been hoping to expand Major League Soccer franchises in the United States.

But he had this to say about St. Louis: “I’d rather be poor in Italy than based in St. Louis. You can’t get a good meal there!”

Nelly ran into Piazza in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

Nelly tweeted: “STL look who the hell I found.!!! I’m last person he wanted to see.!He BEEN APOLOGIZING ALL NIGHT I will be bringing him to eat in LOU.”

The rapper, wearing a Cardinals cap in a video he posted, added in another tweet: “I am personally bringing @mikepiazza31 to the Hill to eat. Said he knows he (messed) up! He’s been following me around all night apologizing lol.”

Piazza took it in stride.

He tweeted: “Want to thank @Nelly_Mo for being so cool last night! Said I can come back to StL for some real food! LIfe is funny! #LessonLearned.”